Big Change: Why You Need a Big Change

Need a Big Change
Need a Big Change

Acquiring knowledge is relatively enduring and requires effort, patience and perseverance. Every second is precious here. However, humans are not robots. They need to rest, eat and communicate with other people from time to time. We describe in this article why you need a big change.


School children, especially the younger ones, are still children. And it is even more important for children than adults to monitor the management of work, nutrition and rest. Agree that it is challenging to plan a walk for a whole class of thirty children to the cafeteria as part of a regular school holiday. Pictures of school time come to mind: many school children who destroy everything that comes their way run into the dining room. However, you can watch the same movie in schools today.

But that is not the only reason for much change. The older the class, the more lessons. With each lesson that follows, the head becomes more and more clogged with the necessary and not very necessary information and unloading is required. Otherwise, there comes a moment when knowledge “pours over the edge” instead of being neatly shelved. And here, the main thing is lost that serves successful knowledge – interest. Curiosity is replaced by fatigue, lack of interest and willingness to learn. The result is not teaching but one continuous torment. The big break allows students to get good relaxation, relieve tension and finally communicate with their friends and classmates.

Big Change
Big Change

Big change in universities and Susa

Universities and colleges are essentially the same school but at a much higher level. For the most part, almost adults are already learning quite consciously and themselves. They sit for hours together in pairs, each lasting one and a half hours. A five-minute break is taken in the middle of a team, but it usually passes no one. Courses and workshops accompany lectures. There can be six to eight such couples a day. Sometimes the brain “explodes” from an enormous amount of information.

Meanwhile, students are also people, and nothing human is foreign to them. After ten minutes between couples, you can hardly have time to run for lunch and relax. That is why significant change is also essential in the universities and Susa. It is usually set after the second pair and coincides with the generally accepted lunch break. It takes forty minutes in most educational institutions.

So regardless of the age of the students, everyone needs a big change. It allows you to relax and visit the land of knowledge with renewed vigor. It also prevents you from forgetting that you are human. And people need food not only for the mind but also for the body.


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