Street store: Increase online sales with your street store

online sales with your street store
online sales with your street store

Did you know that you could be losing sales in your online store? Your street store and virtual store should work together to increase sales.

Here are 6 strategies that you can quickly implement to grow your street store business on the Internet:

Include a notice or banner promoting your online street store

Including a notice promoting your virtual store is the first step for your customers and visitors who know your physical store to find out that they can buy online.

The most important thing is that this notice includes the web address (URL) of your street store clearly and conspicuously.

For example, you can include these notices:

  • The window or door of the premises (just like you do, they are the logos of the credit cards that you accept)
  • Cash register
  • On the invoice or purchase receipt
  • In the bags that you deliver to your customers
  • Inside the dressing room if you have a clothing store.

Mention your virtual street store in your cards or postcards.

Many stores offer business cards with contact information or attractive postcards that customers can pick up for free when they visit the store.

Do not forget to include the URL of your street store in this type of material; both are excellent ways to keep in touch and build customer loyalty.

Deliver an exclusive discount coupon for your virtual store to all your buyers

Repurchase is even more important than the purchase in E-commerce than in the offline world. When the customer buys again, the acquisition costs of the same disappear.

One of the best ways to stimulate repurchase and invite your current customers to try the online shopping experience is to deliver an exclusive discount coupon for your virtual store with each purchase in your physical store. You can include it inside the bag or provide it with the ticket.

Invites you to buy products online without stock at the local

Often, a product is sold out in your physical store, but you have stock in a warehouse or another branch.

To avoid missing out on that sale, you can invite your client to look for what they did not find in your online store.

Offer your customers to subscribe to your newsletter.

When your customer is paying for their purchase in your physical store, you can invite them to receive your news by subscribing for free to your brand’s newsletter, which must include a link to your online store. In this way, you subscribe to it yourself and make sure you start building a more lasting relationship.

If you haven’t created your newsletter yet, we recommend reading some business newspapers for your business newsletter and email marketing.

street store
street store

Add QR codes to your products.

Finally, an innovative and effective technique is the inclusion of QR codes in the boxes of your products, shelves of your store or labels of your garments if you sell clothing.

Then, your customers will be able to read said code with their mobile phone and instantly access the page of your virtual store where they can buy said product or recommend it to a friend.

To generate QR codes, you can use free tools.

In conclusion, remember that it is always important to integrate your sales channels. For that, we invite you to read about how to increase the sales of your street store on the street with your store on the Internet.

What strategies have you implemented to integrate your channels successfully?

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