Bodybuilding steroids: Mistakes in taking bodybuilding steroids

Bodybuilding steroids
Bodybuilding steroids

Bodybuilding steroids; what are the mistakes? Athletes often make mistakes when taking steroids, which reduces their effectiveness or can harm their health. Learn how to avoid AAS reception errors. So far, scientists have not been able to create a drug that can surpass steroids in its effectiveness. But the importance of anabolic steroids for achieving great athletic results can be overstated because valuable anything under certain conditions can be harmful. It is well documented in medicine, but many steroids are banned, and doctors are wary of sharing the information.

It only leads to unverified data and can further confuse athletes. Now, two groups of experts have the exact opposite relationship with steroids. Some scold them, while others, on the contrary, almost praise them. The situation with drug control worsens the problem even more. Even those drugs that do not hurt the body are among those that are prohibited. However, some products are hazardous to health but can use them.

No matter how sports scientists feel about steroids, they have been used by athletes and will be used in the future. For some reason, many people do not understand the simple truth. Today it is necessary not to criticize and ban steroids but to do everything possible so that athletes do not make the mistake of taking steroids for bodybuilding. A ban will not solve the problem.

 Contraindications and age restrictions

According to scientists, most people live up to 25 years old. The skeletal system grows in size due to particular areas of cartilage called growth zones. The cells in these areas transform into bone tissue, but with age, they become petrified, and growth stops. Steroids are made from the male hormone testosterone, which determines gender with all the conditions that come with it. At the same time, high testosterone levels accelerate the ossification of growth zones. Anabolic contributes to the body’s retention of phosphorus and calcium, which causes cartilage to harden.

Of course, not every person can live to be 25 years old. Part of the growth process stops much earlier, which can be seen on x-rays. If you start using AAS before, growth may stop much earlier than it should. In addition, the balance of the hormonal system can be disturbed.

So until the closure of the growth zones of the skeleton, other preparations should be used, of which many have been created. In terms of their effectiveness, although they are inferior to steroids, they will be handy for athletes. Of course, when using them, choosing the proper nutrition and training plan is necessary to avoid side effects.


Many athletes exceed the required dose of steroids. Some do this due to a banal lack of information. In contrast, others do it deliberately and expect increased effectiveness of their courses. For example, an effective dose of methane is from 5 to 50 milligrams of daily consumption, and metabolic should be injected in no more than one milliliter in two days on the third.

Smaller doses will not produce the expected athletic results. If the amount is overestimated, the risk of side effects increases significantly. Steroids pose a significant threat to the liver. When they are used, the body begins to synthesize more protein compounds, which in turn leads to an acceleration of the production of bile. It will be the cause of the development of jaundice.

The liver can heal on its own. After the AAS is discontinued, everything returns to its original state only if adequate doses are used. It is where problems often arise. Athletes want to achieve great results and have started taking shock doses. But this does not increase the success of the courses, and the liver suffers. Don’t make the same mistake of taking bodybuilding steroids.

Duration of steroids

It should take anabolic cycles, but the time is a specific time. After completing the process, you must take a break and stop using AAS. It is essential to understand that lengthening courses does not lead to an increase in their effectiveness, but on the contrary, decreases them. The body adapts to all external conditions, including the use of steroids.

The course will become less effective with long-term drug use, but the risk of numerous side effects increases rapidly. It can reduce efficacy for several reasons, but the main one is the presence of many antibodies that can resist the steroid. These substances are formed by defense systems, as steroids are hostile substances to the body.

Antibody levels rise when you take AAS. The longer the cycle lasts, the more antibodies are produced.

Bodybuilding steroids
Bodybuilding steroids

It should note that the body has an excellent immune system. Even after a break between steroid cycles, when you continue taking them, the body starts producing the necessary antibodies in quantities that exceed the previous one. This feature of immunity is associated with lower returns in each subsequent cycle. Also, with long-term drug use, the body changes the function of the endocrine system. Of course, many athletes know that taking steroids reduces the natural male hormone production. At the end of the cycle, one must start it with the help of certain drugs. If this is not done, the consequences will be tragic.

Today we have covered the most common mistakes in taking bodybuilding steroids. If you use anabolic steroids, the best option is to consult a specialist. It should understand that steroids are powerful hormonal drugs, and their use is challenging.

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